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K5 orphans playing

Here are some of K5’s orphans playing. They love soccer! If anyone has old or unused sports equipment in Kenya please consider donating to our orphans.


Some of K5’s happy orphans!

We help raise and feed many orphans. Violence and AIDS has left many orphans and widows in need.

K5 gets a wheelbarrow!

Kindly donated, this wheelbarrow makes our work so much easier at the K5 farm!

K5 Clothing Orphans

Continuing the good work being done at K5 by clothing local orphans

New Contributions Page

K5 Village Project has a new donations page to make it easy to help. Your contributions, no matter the size, make our project possible and greatly improve the lives of many people, including widows and orphans, as well as the farmers whom we teach the permaculture way, so they can return to a sustainable model of agriculture. Thank you!