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Teaching community to reuse organic

We teach widows and farmers about organic agriculture with their animal manure


K5 orphan with mental problems

We care for many orphans here. This one is our friend James with problem brain but he is so nice!

K5 Village Project has German Visitors!

They come to learn our permaculture ways and also teach back, but they love to play with the  K5 orphans! We care for many children orphaned by violence and AIDS in Kenya.

K5 Widows help the farm

We help many widows in our community. Their husbands die from violence or AIDS here in Kenya. They help around the farm as well!

K5 widows market the jembes (hoes)

Local widows are given the jembes (hoes) that local blacksmiths made, so they can take them to market.

K5 makes our own jembes (hoes)

These were made by local blacksmithing! They make farming easier and give work to people in the community.

Some of K5’s happy orphans!

We help raise and feed many orphans. Violence and AIDS has left many orphans and widows in need.