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K5 planting kale with drip irrigation

Because water has to be hauled three miles, using water efficiently is very important at K5 Village Project. We made a drip irrigation system with leftover materials we gathered, using buckets and hoses. We’re proud of what we accomplished!


K5 planting, and a call for help

Can you help us get water storage to help with long dry season? We walk 3 miles for water. A cistern could help so much.

K5 Homemade Drip Irrigation

K5 has to make due with local materials, but we have made drip irrigation!

K5 Widows help the farm

We help many widows in our community. Their husbands die from violence or AIDS here in Kenya. They help around the farm as well!

K5 makes our own jembes (hoes)

These were made by local blacksmithing! They make farming easier and give work to people in the community.

Spiral gardens help grow herbs locally

We make our own spiral gardens with local materials. They let us grow many kinds of herbs!

K5 planting rice

The rice will feed our orphans and help our community.