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The K5 Village Project is a grass-roots program that aids local farmers return to a sustainable and profitable agriculture model. We also have taken it upon ourselves to assist, educate, and support local widows and orphans who find themselves without the safety net of family due to disease, injury, and violence.

When you donate, you are directly supporting our efforts. Educating children. Providing clothing to orphans and widows. Enabling additional permaculture and agricultural training for the people involved with K5 so that they can bring that knowledge to the community. In other words, every donation directly helps people in need. And, in keeping with permaculture principles, nothing is wasted on needless overhead.

If you can donate, the amount doesn’t matter. A dollar helps feed an orphan. A hundred dollars builds a windmill, or a well for fresh water. Every donation helps more than you can imagine.

PayPal is a simple way to donate. Simply send your contribution via PayPal to Omitoabraham@gmail.com

We would also love to receive donations through GoFundMe at https://www.gofundme.com/k5village

You can also send your contribution via Western Union (see below)

Omito Abraham Owuor.
P.O.Box 18
Rangwe 40303
Homa-Bay, Kenya
ID 32204507

After sending your contribution, please message us the information we need to accept it:

MTCN tracking number
Name of the sender
Total amount sent
Name of country from which it was sent

Thank you so much!

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