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K5 Village Project has German Visitors!

They come to learn our permaculture ways and also teach back, but they love to play with the  K5 orphans! We care for many children orphaned by violence and AIDS in Kenya.


K5 nursery for Kale and Tomatoes

We germinate kale and tomatoes in nursary beds. No greenhouse, but we make do!

K5 has visitors

We love to welcome visitors to the K5 project.

Potting plants before planting them

This helps the plants grow strong enough to survive

K5 Blacksmithing Local Tools

Abraham working in the smithy to help make farming hoes. Locally, smithing employes over 100 people. #blacksmithing #permaculture

K5’s Happy Orphans Get Clothes

We help a lot of local orphans in Homabay, Kenya, providing food and clothing. #charity #peoplecare #donate

K5 Sustainable Agriculture

Mulching onions using locally-renewable resources. #permaculture #mulching #organicgardening